A letter to my 18-year-old self

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Dear self,

A year from now, you’re going to turn 19, too! But I’ll tell you about that some other time. Anyway, happy birthday, self. You’ve just become more awesome and starting today, you’re an adult! Congratulations!


It’s not going to be easy: there are people who will try their best to pull you down, people who will envy you, and people who you want to punch in the face for being assholes. They will not be kind to you and they will not stop until they see you wallowing in misery! But don’t worry! You are also going to make the most awesome friends so just forget about the former. You don’t have to mind those kinds of people because they will only be an obstacle to you and your dreams. Besides, it’s their loss. ;)


There will be times when you’ll experience failure as well. Lots of ‘em. But don’t feel bad about them. Ever. You’ll learn tons from them and it’ll make you a better person, I swear. You are free to cry if the burden becomes too much, though. Remember: it’s never a sign of weakness. I’m quite sure you’re tough but pretending to be tough in certain situations is not very good and will only stress you out, so just let it go.


You still have a long way to go before you achieve your goals but hold on to them! Some of them might still sound impossible but you’ll never have a way of knowing what the future will be. The best thing you can do right now is learn from your mistakes and use those to improve. That way, you’ll be prepared for whatever life has in store for you. Look forward to your life and its challenges. It’ll be awesome.


Happy Birthday!


Your awesome self




Thank you so much to all those people who left messages on my Facebook wall, cellphone, twitter, and messenger/s. I appreciate all of it! I love you all, guys! ♥


Before I forget, here’s the progress pic from today’s painting session:





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Painting the leaves. Rough coloring. I forgot to record yesterday’s work, but what I did in the video today is essentially the same as what I did yesterday (except for the rough sketch for the background).

And, LOL, I promised a couple of friends that I’m going to launch “False Awakening” March next year. I knew I shouldn’t be promising anything but I needed to have a concrete goal if I wanted to get this shit done because I have this huge tendency to procrastinate. Besides, I already found my world-building notebook the other day so I have no more excuse to stare at the ceiling. Praise Jeebus I don’t have to research and rewrite everything on that notebook.

So, March. Next year. No buts.





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Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you bastardize your hard work.

I forgot to record what I did today but most of it only consisted of several failed attempts at changing the background so you won’t be seeing anything other than a continuous cycle of draw-delete-draw. In the end, I decided to use the one I initially planned. I might have to change some of the colors I used but I’m too sleepy to finish it now.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to start cleaning everything tomorrow




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Lineart process for “Whispers”. I lost the first part of the video when my recorder crashed, OTL. I also forgot to remove the audio from the recording so you are free to mute the player if you don’t like the music. XD


One week left till enrollment and as expected, the thought of having to choose a specialization is making me panic. I’m not yet sure whether I should go for web or game development. Signs I’ve received (from whoever celestial being is up there) are all pointing to web, though. But I want to take game development, too! Eurgh, maybe I should just ram my head on a wall? Or toss a coin? //CRIESFOREVER



Useless Crap

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I should probably stop uploading irrrelevant/useless WIP shots every time I finish a step of my production process. I’m starting to feel that I’m using it as an excuse to procrastinate. I should also stop staring at the ceiling and get some shit done because I’m not getting any younger. ACMALCSACL19THBIRTHDAYINSIXDAYS XD


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