Windsong ver 2.0

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Work Stats

Medium: Draft – Paper & Pencil; Linework – Sai; Painting – Photoshop
Hours: 3monthslolololol ~6+ hours


After I finished this, I spent the thirty minutes that followed staring at it. It’s as if my brain refused to accept the idea that I’m done with this after working on-off for three months. XD


I honestly hate this piece. I changed the background twice and the color scheme countless of times because the colors just won’t agree. In the end, I chose the ones I initially picked. How frustrating is that, huh?! I did enjoy painting the hair, the background, and her clothes, though! And I think prefer this method of painting over my previous ones even if it ate a huge chunk of my time.


I’ll be working on an RO fan art next. This is for the LU! Live Fan Art Contest. I’ve been dying to do an RO-related work for several months now and I think this is a good opportunity to do that? Besides, I like the theme for this year’s event. ;D